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Thermal processing is the act of altering a material’s temperature to change its state in some way. This process is typically used for processing metals and building materials for industries like automotive, aerospace, medical and other markets.

Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems provides top quality industrial heat treating equipment, engineering, and service. With products ranging from batch furnaces to continuous belt furnaces, pusher furnaces, vacuum furnaces, humpback furnaces, and much more, we solve any application challenge with expertise and passion. Gasbarre, through our brands Sinterite, C.I. Hayes, and Gasbarre Industrial Furnace Systems (formerly J.L. Becker), delivers the equipment to make your process consistently productive and profitable.

The Gasbarre Family:

      • J.L. Becker
      • C.I. Hayes
      • Sinterite

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Furnace Equipment Overview

Gasbarre provides a full line of batch and continuous thermal processing equipment. Our equipment is designed to meet strict automotive and aerospace quality requirements; we are ISO 17025 accredited, and designed to meet CQI9 and AMS 2750 standards.

Batch Atmosphere Furnaces

Batch Vacuum Furnaces

Continuous Atmosphere Furnaces

Continuous Vacuum Furnaces



Gasbarre, headquartered in DuBois, PA, was founded in 1973 to design, manufacture, and service a complete line of powder compaction and sizing presses for the powder metallurgy industry. Since that time, Gasbarre has earned a worldwide reputation as a full service supplier to the powder metallurgy, particulate materials and thermal processing industries.

With over 200 employees in seven locations, Gasbarre stands alone in the ability to offer equipment and services for all applications related to powder compaction and thermal processing. Today, with 20% of Gasbarre products being exported, there are thousands of Gasbarre presses, furnaces and other equipment in operation all around the globe.

Gasbarre Products, Inc.

DuBois, PA | USA

Established in 1973