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Medical Device Solutions

ProMed has been specializing in the moulding of small, silicone components for Class III, long term implants since 1989. Silicone moulded components are processed within one of several Class 10,000 clean-rooms using the technology required to support your design, material selection, and cost-structure requirements. Our New Product Development process has supported thousands of parts and welcomes the opportunity to launch your product(s) successfully. Additionally, ProMed has two manufacturing sites with one located in Minneapolis, MN and the second in Dorado, Puerto Rico.

Silicone has unique material characteristics that enable parts to be molded with intricate features, significant undercuts, surface finishes, and tight tolerances.  ProMed offers custom compounding to meet the performance essentials of your design

Liquid Injection Moulding (LIM)

This process utilizes a liquid silicone rubber which results in a short molding cycle enabling a cost effective part.  This material and process is typically used for medium to high production runs.

High Consistency Injection Moulding

Very similar to LIM moulding except the material is a high consistency rubber (HCR – “gum-stock” rubber).

Transfer Moulding

Typically consists of “transferring” a high consistency rubber (commonly referred to as a HCR or “gum-stock”) silicone from the exterior of a mould through a sprue and runner system into the cavities of a mould.

RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanisation) Casting

ProMed has developed the ability to compound and deliver 2-part RTV compounds in a closed delivery system.

Micro Moulding

A common definition for a micro-moulded part is typically a part with a mass of 1 gram or less or a part with a total volume of less than 0.003 cubic inches. To put this in perspective, a micro-molded part can be smaller than a piece of rice or a resin pellet.

Whether your micro-moulded part material is a silicone or a thermoplastic material, ProMed's qualified engineering staff can assist in design for manufacturability of your micro-moulded part. Common elements for consideration will be material selection, tolerances, gate size and location, part ejection, length to diameter ratios and component configuration for mouldability.

Silicone Moulding