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Device  Coatings

TiXX Coatings specialises in Parylene Coatingsince 2010 and is  the first German company to combine DLC (Diamond like Carbon) coatings  and Parylene successfully.

Parylene is applied in its gaseous phase in a vacuum and is completely pore-free. Almost every substrate material e.g. plastics, ceramics, metals and alloys, glass and paper can be coated with Parylene. The Parylene coating process evenly coats tricky surface and structures such as sharp edges, undercuts and small gaps that cannot be coated by using liquid based processes. In addition to this, in one operation process coating thickness from 0,1 to 50µm can be applied.

The application areas are very diverse: Parylene is used in medical, automotive and aerospace industry. Moreover, Parylene is excellently suited for the coating of electronic devices like PCBs as well as for corrosion protection for products such as rare-earth magnets.

Parylene Coatings

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Characteristics of Parylene: