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Device  Coatings

cardient® FMC is a range of coatings which are especially applicable for medical and biological applications. It is based on amorphous carbon with diamond like properties. It is particuarily applicable for polymers and flexible substrates.

cardient® FMC coated implants are particularly neutral when in contact with cells and microorganism. This means rapid population by cells and accelerated assimilation by surgically implanted devices or prostheses. At the same time due to the reduced interaction between the surface and biological molecules the adhesion is reduced. This is very applicable in vascular, and related applications.

One of the best known applications of cardient® FMC is the coating of urological stents.  Here it creates a smooth, encrustation free surface on the implant and increases patient comfort.

cardient® TiX is a super-crystalline titanium oxide which iremains photo-catalytic for several hours when exposed to UV light, leading to decoupling of hydrogen and break down of organic bonds. The released hydrogen kills bacteria and germs - the surface becomes germ free. If the coating is additionally made hydrophilic it is also very easy to clean.

The released hydrogen radicals attack bacteria and germs - the surface becomes germfree. When cardient® TiX is additionally adjusted to be hydrophilic, the surface is cleaned with water easily.

Medical implants are placed in the most challenging parts of the body.

Often the surfaces of these devices are critical. To enhance the devices we have developed a range of surface technologies to extend the life of the products and to ensure improved reliability and safety.

This often extends the range of applications and may also improve the physical appearance of the product. Our cardient® coatings improve the bio-compatibility of the product and have proven itself in many applications.

It is possible to combine properties of various coatings to add additional properties such as excellent diffusion resistance.




Plasma Based Coatings

If you are looking for a competent partner to turn your ideas into innovative development concepts and efficiently transfers these through all phases of modern project management to serial production, you are in safe hands at NTTF.

NTTF Coatings GmbH is the provider for analysis, development, production and consultation in the whole subject of surface technology. Furthermore we are highly experienced in the development and production of medical devices for diagnostics and therapy.  

Our company is located in the "Technologiezentrum für Oberflächentechnik" (TZO) in Rheinbreitbach. Within the thin-film-technology park, we found a perfect home because additionally to our own technical equipment we have access to further modern laboratory, measurement and coating facilites. The cooperation with university research institutions assures a regular influx of ideas.

Our operational team consists of highly qualified scientists, engineers and technicians from different natural scientific disciplines such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology and pharmacology as well as the engineering disciplines such as mechanics, electronics and IT, who are able to transfer their knowledge of basic research directly into excellent products which are state of the art.

Each employee is specialised in their sub-area and possesses a long experience in their discipline. This experience gets multiplied by cooperation, because we are a well-rehearsed team.

Plasma Based Coatings

NTTF Coatings