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Medical Device Solutions

Carclo is specialized in designing and manufacturing of injection moulded parts for medical and phamaceutical industry. The core competencies are high precision injection moulding, twin shot moulding, insert moulding as well as plastics joining.

Products range among others:

Additionally Carclo offers its customers value added operations such as:

Working closely with major material suppliers and leading universities Carclo's R&D efforts are developing new materials and technologies to meet the industry demand. Moreover, Carclo invests in early stage development towards patenting certain complementary technologies and bringing them to market such as for example the development of soluble polymers and moulding technology for use in new generation drug capsules.

Carclo owns state-of-the-art facilities in United Kingdom, USA and the low cost countries Czech Republic and China. Tooling can be transferred from one facility to the other easily and enable a truly global production for multinational enterprises. Manufacturing takes place according to industry certifications in classified cleanrooms and bioburden control.

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