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Medical Device Solutions

As medical devices become more sophisticated our understanding of the interaction between our "synthetic" world and human physiology continues to grow. The need to insulate the body from the devices we are inserting into it has created a whole new field of science. In some cases this research has created new device opportunities.

Coatings are now possible which:

Harland Medical Systems, Inc. are the leading producer of polymer based Hydrophilic Coatings technologies and associated machinery.  They can supply a complete cost effective turn-key solution.

NTTF Coatings GmbH located in Bonn Germany are a leading authority on Plasma Coatings and Plasma treatment of Medical Devices.

Boyd Coatings Inc. are possibly the most advanced fluoropolymer coatings manufacturer in the industry. Very hi-tech PTFE and FEP coatings provide durability and lubricity including where abrasion is a major issue such as for needles and guide-wire.

TiXX Coatings Ltd. is a coating company specialized  in Parylene Coatings. The different Parylene Coatings offer a thermal stability up to 300 °C they protect against humidity and dust, they are optically transparent, bio-compatible and have been approved by the US FDA.  

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